Vernon Township Democrats canvass in Wisconsin for 2020 Elections

Road Trip! Canvass in Wisconsin

As we all know, Wisconsin is a Super State. The 2020 Presidential election will be decided in Super States. The road to the White House runs through Southeastern Wisconsin.

The moment we have all been waiting for can’t escape us, and we can make a real difference in the outcome of the Presidential election. We know IL will vote Blue.
Lake County Democrats are needed in Wisconsin. This is a direct shot at Trump, and will have a direct effect on the 2020 Presidential Election. Just a few votes here, could sway the election. It’s that close.
In 2016 Racine County WI voted 49.8% Trump and 45.4 % Clinton. Senator Tammy Baldwin has to keep her seat. We need to keep all our Senate seats and gain some more. This is of the uttmost importance.


Scroll down. There are pages for canvasses all the way up to November 2019

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